B&B Dynamic Machining was founded in September 2021 in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Co-founders Brett Lister and Blaine Radie met at their previous company. Lister had over 25 years in the industry and a longtime vision of owning his own business. Radie, an ambitious young man, shared that same dream and wished to partner with an experienced machinist to expand on his training.

After talking the idea over for a couple of months, Lister and Radie decided to go out on a limb and start B&B Dynamic Machining, buying their first mills in 2022. Six months later, they bought a used lathe along with a new 4-axis mill with an auto door to scale their operation for the future. Now, from machining birthing simulator assembly components for the medical device sector to creating hot-rolled steel weldments for industrial pumps, B&B is branching out to offer custom and contract manufacturing to diverse industries.

When customers come to us with 3D models and CAD files, we begin by creating a prototype. We source materials from local businesses if our customers haven’t already procured them, and proceed with precision machining. For orders ranging from a single prototype to 400 or more components, the B&B team is here to help.

What does our company see in its future? Potentially training opportunities to address the skilled labor gap in the manufacturing sector. Initially, Lister and Radie had aspirations of B&B being a school, training military personnel, new citizens, and youth coming into the industry. As a company, we may someday see this dream become a reality as well, because the company founders wish to bring back American manufacturing. The B&B team believes in doing our part to support and connect domestic machine shops — even the competition — to the betterment of U.S.-based production.